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Shoutcast now playing plugin.

  • zortex


    Hello everybody!

    Im developing site for my internetradio and i found that Buddypress really kicks’ ass for creating community based website for our DJ’s.

    Now i tried to programm plugin witch will get name of the Dj on air from shoutcast and then shows DJ’s avatar and name at my site. Could some one help me developing this kind of script, because im totally newbie with PHP and MySql :(

    Now im just fetching currently playing song from my shoutcast server with file_get_contents function in php, but how i create application wich compares buddypress profile names from database to that string and outputs that to wordpress / buddypress?

    Im sure that this kind of plugin will need someone else too :)

    If there is some kind of PHP nerd around there who can help me, i am willing to make donation via paypal :)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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