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Show/AutoLink MultipleRecipient Names in Private Messaging after Message is sent

  • nlstrev


    In the Private Messaging Component, once a message has been sent to more than one recipient, in the sent/inbox it will not display the names of all the recipients who have received the message.

    Same if, you are receiving a message that multiple recipients have received and you go to reply, it will say “Conversation between 5 recipients.” and you can not see the names.

    Is there a way to build a theme function to display the names of multiple recipients as well as have that autolink to their profile, in all cases or have that built in buddypress in future releases?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • nlstrev


    For the Reply after going to inbox, you want to see who all the recipients are who received the message.

    In buddypress plugin, it default is set to max 5, so 4 recipients including you equals 5. On 5 or more recipients it simply states “Conversation between 5 recipients.”

    You can use this filter function

    add_filter('bp_get_max_thread_recipients_to_list', 'bp_get_max_thread_recipients_to_list_reply');
    function bp_get_max_thread_recipients_to_list_reply(){
        return 999;

    It is set to 999, meaning after 999 recipients it will display “Conversation between 999 recipients.” otherwise it will work and autolink to up to 999 recipients.

    Change the default return value to whatever number you would like.

    Ticket should be closed now.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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