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Show different content on profile for different Roles

  • sheriwells


    I need some help to insert code where necessary to accomplish the following.

    I have different Roles set up, and for one of the Roles I’d like to strip out some of the BuddyPress sub navigation links so that this particular role won’t have access to certain things. I basically just want this role to see the sub nav links of Profile: View, Edit and Change Avatar.

    Is it possible to do this by using an IF statement? PHP is new to me and I’m not sure how to write it.

    Does someone know exact code and exactly where I would place it? I’m thinking I’d need to insert it on the profile, edit, and change-avatar.php pages, but not sure.

    I’m using BuddyPress version 1.9.2 and WordPress version 3.8.1

    Thanks, Sheri

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