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  • coolhunt


    Hi All,

    I want to share with everyone my most recent launch of a Buddypress install..

    Get Started

    Its 99% out of the box WP/BP & Twenty Seventeen
    I was able to get it up and going and do some refinements over the course of a weekend.
    This isnt my first WP/BP implementation.. (but) this is the first time ever that I came close to an implementation just using the very basics of WP/BP.. *no crazy hacks, just all vanilla.

    **I do have WAY TOO MANY PLUGINS running**
    But, I dont know how to get around that..
    I really wish that many of the features that the plugins provide are core WP/BP functions.

    **The site ran slow
    But, I did some caching and that helped a little bit (i wish i didnt have to using caching tho)

    **There are a lot of plugins I’d also like to try out and use… but the problem is im on php 5.3.5 (which i know i need to upgrade)

    **I wish there are better guides and updated walk-thrus… most of them out there are fairly outdated

    I would love to get feedback from the BP community about my current site
    – how can I make it better
    – how can I make it faster
    – how can I improve engagement and signups

    **Special thanks to the folks over at buddyboss & buddydev… I found that I was on there site and help pages very frequently..

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  • Henry Wright


    Cool site!

    **There are a lot of plugins I’d also like to try out and use… but the problem is im on php 5.3.5 (which i know i need to upgrade)

    You should try to upgrade as soon as possible to PHP 7+, the performance improvement alone is worth the effort.



    Upgrading to php7 is on my to do list… but its a bit of a bear to wrestle with on my VPS with (mt).. so Im holding off on upgrading for a bit

    Henry Wright


    I run Trusty at home and the best version that distro offers is 5.x. I had to add a PPA to get 7.x package(s).



    Hey, you managed to put up a very beautiful website! Congratulations!

    Have you tried Siteground? They do have PHP7. I’m running their shared hosting plan, and after some issues with their terms about number of processes, executions and time, I faced the beast and started to get my hands dirty, removing all plugins, templates, messing with the configuration, putting a default wp template (twenty seventeen), creating my own child theme and messing with functions.php first and then modifying css and php files myself. I have never been a wordpress developer… Not even a php programmer… Just started messing with it on my own, for necessity (and, after a little time, for fun)… Now, I have a website with almost zero plugins (only the essentials), running on php7, http2 and moving in the speed of light, with the lowest server consumption ever…

    My advice: dont be afraid of getting your hands dirty.. the code is there, also the documentations, sites, forums, blogs and all kinds of resources 😀

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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