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[Showcase] flokka – site using Buddypress

  • Phlux0r


    Hi all, we’ve been working on a Mu+BP site for the past couple of months. We have just launched it into beta this week.

    We are not using all BuddyPress features yet, only the profile, activity and wire but will expand with groups, friends and the forum once BBPress is ready.

    So, without further ado, the site is: and it’s a blogging community for Women in business. Apart from members being able to create their own blogs on the site, we also allow them to enter and use an existing external blog if they have one. We use SimplePie for all the external syndication and integration of content.

    Feedback and questions are welcome.

    Regards, Robert

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  • Nice job :)

    Excellent. Is the external site integration a plugin or something custom y’all cooked up? I was just thinking that’d be a great idea.



    @nolageek the external site integration is a plugin we’ve developed to allow entering and checking the blog RSS and selecting an avatar image for the blog. Then we aggregate the external content using SimplePie RSS. SimplePie makes this very easy. On the Latest Posts page for the network blogs, we use the multifeed aggreagation feature of SimplePie. Just throw an array of RSS feeds at it and it comes back with the content. SimplePie uses disk caching so it’s pretty zippy once the feeds are loaded.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Looks really great! Fantastic to see real world examples of BuddyPress in use.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to add more features soon once their a bit further along. Sam Bauers and I worked out a way of integrating BBPress with BuddyPress, without integrating them completely. That way you can keep BBPress up to date within your installation. I’ll be adding that in soon.



    I’ve integrated bbPress with WPMU to share user logins (couldn’t get cookies to work unfortunately) and was preparing to launch them both this week. Should I hold off on launching bbPress until you’ve integrated it more fully, or would I be okay using the system as I have it now and simply adding the BuddyPress forum functionality down the road.




    Thanks Andy! We’ll be looking at the forum and other BP parts later. By then you may have released the first stable version… but good to know that the integration with BBPress is taking shape.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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