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Showing groups, filter users

  • marcbakker84


    Hi all,
    I use BuddyPress in a theme called Woffice (it came bundled). It is an intranet theme. What i try to achieve is the following:

    1. Show groups on specific pages.
    On the intranet we created a location page for all different locations. We would like to show an overview of the people that work there. And show for all users specific information.

    a) Is it possible to add custom fields to buddy press and show this info in the front end? If so, how to?
    b) Is it possible to show a group on a page (other that the standard /groups/groupname)? If so, how to?

    2. Create a user overview with all users + filters and search.
    On the intranet we would like to show an overview with all people working at the company. And be able to filter on specific data (1a) and search through the same info.

    a) is it possible to create a total overview of all users (preferably not by creating a new group).
    b) is it possible to filter on this users?

    Hope someone can help.

    Thanks and have a good day!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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