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Showing User Authority

  • David Veldt


    I could use everyone’s opinion on this. I’m developing a informational site, and I want users to easily distinguish high-authority (expert) users. Ideally, I want these users’ replies to look slightly different than others within groups and forums, and I want something to display on their profile to show that they are “certified” in some way.

    My original thought was accomplishing this through the Achievements plugin. I would simply award high authority users, or let users reach high authority through activity and unlocking awards. I would then place the badges right alongside their names when they reply or comment within the site. However, this has proved to be a huge headache, and every time I solve one issue with Achievements, another one pops up.

    Does anyone have any other ideas on how to differentiate certain users from others? Or, if anyone knows how to accomplish what I’ve described above (placing the Achievement badges alongside user’s names), I can continue down that path.


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  • Nahum


    As I mentioned in your other post, I think the score is the better representation of authority than displaying the badges everywhere. Display badges on the user profile and the score beside members names as the authority display you are looking for.

    You could set up a “legend” in your side bar to show the levels of authority by score. 1-100 – Novice, 100 – 200 – Intermediate…that would be the easiest way.

    Or you could take the score and output the labels, if score is >=100 show label “Certified”. I’ve done this but i really just hacked my way through it, I’ve been really hoping a pro would create a nice add-on to the achievements plugin that does this with the score.

    David Veldt


    A nice add-on for this would be great!

    And you’re right, after playing around with this today, I got the badges to appear on the profile as I wanted them, but that just led to “Ok, but I don’t want them all to show, only the most recent or this will get cluttered…etc etc.”

    So I really like your solution of appending a label based on score – this would be perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish. I know you just hacked your way through this, but could you shed a little light on how you went about it? I know how to pull in the score where I want it, I just don’t know how to convert that score to a certain label.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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