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Sidebar displaying twice

  • Will


    Hi all,

    I’ve been trying to add buddypress to an existing wordpress site, but a weird quirk has shown up.

    Example pic

    I followed the buddypress installation instructions and added the buddypress template pack, which all went well, but now I have an issue with the sidebar displaying below the content on buddypress pages in addition to the sidebar that already exists. I’ve done a quick css hack to hide the superfluous sidebar but it’s still breaking some functionality on the original sidebar. I’ve made some edits to the template files, as per the installation instructions, but the unnecessary sidebar still shows up. Also, i should mention that this issue doesn’t occur on the wordpress pages, only the buddypress pages. The theme I’m using is Comet by Frostpress.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Paul Wong-Gibbs


    Your theme will just be including sidebar.php twice. You’ll have to remove it from where you don’t want it.



    I thought it might’ve, but I have removed the offending code and it doesn’t seem to have updated.

    Just double checking, but i should be editing the template files in plugins/bp-template-pack/templates right?

    The code I’ve been taking out was <?php locate_template( array( ‘sidebar.php’ ), true ) ?>

    Does this sound right?



    I forgot to mention that the unwanted sidebar only appears on the buddypress pages, so I don’t think it’s my theme

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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