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Sidebar Hell! :-(

  • Fromthesurf


    Hi, guys! I’m by no means a php or buddy/wordpress expert (obviously).

    I created my own theme for my fishing blog from scratch, and all seems to validate outside of this plugin. My sidebar works fine on all pages, but on the buddypress pages, and I can’t seem to get past step 3 of the configuration. I’ve modified all 13 pages, played with the CSS, and I’m still stuck. The sidebar just lays below the content.

    I’d love to use this plugin for when I go live this summer, and think this is one of (if not the) coolest plugins available.

    But my sidebar works with the theme I created from scratch on all pages that aren’t buddypress pages.

    My blog:

    The members page:

    Any help is greatly appriciated

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  • There has to be, then, a fundamental difference in the markup you have in one of your original files Vs that of a BP file it’s a matter of spotting it?

    I can see immediately that there is a div mismatch with a stray closing div, you perhaps have closed wrapper before sidebar or something along those lines. In fact your sidebar is simply in the wrong position altogether it should live within #ftstemplate and it’s outside, so you just need to check over your markup a little more carefully.



    Thanks for the speedy response hnla…i’ll check it out again later tonight.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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