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Sidebar profile data

  • skateage


    Hello buddypress.

    Im trying to figure out how i can add links to the sidebar under the users name image and “logout button”. I understand how to make conditional(if user is logged in ect..) php but i am having some trouble with the buddypress loop.

    What i would like to add are some links that do the following:
    View profile – Link to the user’s profile
    Edit profile – takes user to his/her edit profile page
    Change Picture – Link to change profile picture
    My Favorites – Takes users to activities that they have favorited
    …and possibly more.

    website –

    Please help me understand the loop so that i can make links to these functions. I have read through all of the buddypress documentation on buddypress dot org but any external doc/tutorials would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Virtuali


    Not really in the forums-loop, more if you want to add it under the widget, go into your sidebar.php.

    These $bp-global strings are always available for use, in your case here:

    so where you want the links to appear (view profile, etc) , you will need to add the strings `$bp->loggedin_user->domain`


    `<a href="/profile/edit”>Edit Your Profile`

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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