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Sidebar Tabs

  • James



    have checked all the sidebar tabs plugins and no one is working in my BP.
    Is there any way to add sidebar tabs manually, not using plugins (maybe there is some plugin outside the

    thank you!

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  • jalien


    If you want to have a look at the Suffusion theme and go to the theme’s site there is a BP extension for the theme. One of the options in the theme is to have tabs in one widget area. You might like to look at the code if you are using another theme, or just use his theme. It looks nice, but some BP plugins need a little reworking to display correctly. There are some good help in the forums though. Maybe this will help.

    Roger Coathup


    @janismo – do you mean widgets aren’t working in your sidebar? Or, do you mean specific plugins for displaying the widgets in tabs aren’t working?

    If it’s a simple problem adding any widget, then try with the default theme, disable other plugins, and see if the problem still exists. [note: in general, if you have a widget / plugin that is supposed to be compatible, but isn’t working – it’s a good idea to strip back to basics and try to identify whether it’s something in your theme, or perhaps a clash between two of your plugins]

    If you want to create tabs manually, you are best to look at some of the Javascript libraries, e.g. jQuery, that have components already built for creating tabbed interfaces. You would then edit your sidebar.php template file to ensure your components are added, and that the markup is correct for the Javascript tabbing script.



    Is it a tabbed widget or a tabbed sidebar area you add widgets to?



    @Roger Coathup @Modemlooper
    It is tabbed sidebar and issue is that all available plugins (sidebartabs and so on) at do not work properly in BP…some show tabs + no widgets, some widgets + no tabs.
    Manually it will be too hard for me, probably, will try to follow Jalien’s advice.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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