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Sidebar Widgets and Function files

  • jodyw1


    Okay… a little help here. This is a quasi BP question… and I’m sure someone else is dealing with it. Been wrestling with this for a while, gotten side-tracked, and am now back to dealing with it.

    I have a custom theme that I’m using with BP (see it at

    I’ve been able to use the BP main page widgets (i.e. “groups” “members” etc.) on that page.

    Those widgets are controlled from the theme admin panel….

    Said theme and widget functions are in the /themes directory…

    For the BP profiles ( etc, I’ve created a widgetzed footer (“footer-column-1” etc).

    So how do I now use them?

    Calling those widgets in the BP footer with a “if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(“footer-column-1”) ) :” doesn’t work, I’m guessing because the page looks in the /bp-themes/functions.php file instead of the /themes/functions.php file for the array.

    So how do I change where it’s looking to get that information?

    I’m certain this is a pretty easy fix. I’m just a little stuck

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