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Sigle url page like members, docs, groups

  • lalitavalon



    There are two type of links one member specific and other is complete url. Like suppose I am a member then my url will be
    webiste/members/groups where it will display the groups in which I am a member or joined.
    other link is website/groups where it will display all the groups that are esxits on the website. Even I am a member of that group or not.
    Same links for the friends, docs

    And If I talking about the buddypress menus so you provides first type of links or page that we can add in the menu. So My concern is that from where we can get these pages or add to the menu of second types.
    One solution is that I make a custom type link add static link and add to menu. But it is not good because If my server chnge or address chnge like local host to live I have to chnage manually.

    So please give the alternatives if you have.

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