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Signup avatars uploading to a different path

  • Dave Wright


    Hello, it seems that when a new user signs up to my buddypress site there avatar is uploaded to wp-content/uploads/avatars/signups/(a folder with a 30ish character name, looks like a random string).
    When I display the users profile bp isn’t pulling that avatar using “
    but if the user signs in and follows the “change avatar” procedure the new avatar is uploaded to wp-content/uploads/avatars/(a folder with a 2 digit number) these avatars display correctly, also if I as site admin go in and update other users avatars they display correctly

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  • 4ella


    yes , the second step signup avatars doesn’t work for me either , even when they were succesfully uploaded , they doesn’t display at all , already signuped people can upload them succesfully too but those avatars are functional , where should be a problem ?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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