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Simple photo community

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  • BarnaB



    Could you pls help me recreate it ? im going for the same type of page in my country but im new with all these plugins etc what i need for it !

    Thank you



    Hi czz – that site looks great! I’m actually in the process of building something similar, well, I’m building a broader site but I’m hoping to include photo sharing features/aspects. I noticed that you did something on your “Random Photos” page that I’ve been struggling with. Would you mind explaining how you got the images to show up in a grid-like fashion rather than as a list like the standard BuddyPress activity feed?

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.



    @knova15. I created a child theme. I still have to finish the theme options page. When i finish it, I will put the link for the download.

    @mmward43. witch gallery component are you using?



    czz : thx a lot Cant wait to jump on it and make it running for all my friends :D any estimated date ? anything needed for it ? plugins etc. ?




    @czz, I’m currently using the BP-Album plugin (I believe it was formerly BP-Album+). The stable release though, not the more recent beta.



    @czz Scratch that. I dug around the plugin’s Google Code project page and found the exact instructions I was looking for :). But now I’ve got another question (of course), how did you make the image details appear beneath each thumbnail?



    @knova15 I think in a week and it will be ready (need to test some things). I’ll give you the instruction inside.

    @mmward43 Hi, sorry can’t help you. I’m using a different plugin for the gallery (bp-gallery made by sbrajesh).

    almost 5 days gone….cant wait to test it and be able to report back when u send it :D hope i can help to debug it :D

    funmi omoba


    @czz, what a lovely work. please what code are you using for the random photos? the tutorial posted on wpmu does not include names, just only random avatars.

    thanks for your help



    hey man i just noticed that the ads are overlapping your images.
    go to link and click on any image (viewing with black background), you will notice that the unicef ad comes over the image.!prettyPhoto

    @knova15 Sorry for the delay tomorow i’ll put the download link.

    @funmi omoba witch gallery are you using? if you are using bp-gallery i can give you the code for the page.

    @roxor Thanks. Now i’ll fix it.

    Sorry for my minimal english :)

    czz : thats awsome ! hope i can help to get rid of any bugs if i find any to help uR work !


    Does anyone know which theme this is a child theme of? It looks fantastic!

    czz : any news on the download ? will there be any documentation witch plugins to install that i need for the theme to work.

    if it works pls send me a paypal email too co i would be happy to donate for uR work too.

    here is the download link. download

    thx i just tested it quickly….i had som fatal error msgs :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_activity_privacy_is_set() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 56

    on many pages…widget….is it becouse something is missing or that it is installed on a multisite enviorament ?

    Hi, it’s made to work with the profile privacy plugin.

    ohhh….didint know that….can u send some type of documents for it how to install it properly ?

    i wnt a little community and give them a different portfolio theme with domain mapping for their own webpages….the models i used to work with ve none or crap ones so with the community we can all speak by groups etc and every user can have a preconifgured site from me…my server can handle it so its only setup an time taking :D and they just need to buy a domain for them self :D

    love to work on these kind of projects :D i have no clue to php but with WP it is so easy just takes time to learn and do the research+find the right ppl :)

    so it would be great to know what i have to do in order to have it up and running please :D

    privacy installed on a fresh install…no MU enabled yet will try it now :) still would love to see a tutorial anything to know what do i miss from my install :)

    thx a LOT czz ! mint work !

    hi, I’ll make you a tutorial.

    Can you pls let me know how can i get in touch with you in a private msg ?


Viewing 21 replies - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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