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Simple Solution for BuddyPress & 1ShoppingCart integration?

  • I have an online membership for a national organization and will be using BuddyPress (moving from Ning) for the Social part (groups, forum, etc). I want paid memberships (3 levels – no free) that are bought through 1ShoppingCart (for controlling the Customer Database). I think I need a simple member plugin to just control the expiration issue of the paid memberships, unless BuddyPress has that ability.

    Right now there is no private content (except the BuddyPress areas) so if they are not a member, the visitor only sees static WP pages & posts… once they become a member, they will have access to the groups, forums and etc. (but in the future, there may be static pages & posts that will be private to members only.

    So when a members paid subscription is about to run out… 1SC can send an email 10 days prior telling them to renew, but if they don’t renew… I need the user record to be put into a non-member status (automatically) in WP/BP.

    Which is why I think I need a VERY SIMPLE membership plugin to control the online subscriptions.

    Yes or No?

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  • Please also… I am open for suggestions as this is only 1/2 half in process and want to get it right this time around. And I will NOT be using multi-user environment at all. So there will not be user blogs or user sites. Just groups (private & public) with forums.

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