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Single Blog WP BuddyPress

  • Jeff Farthing


    It would be cool to just use the single WP blog for a site-wide blog with BP. Each user’s page could query their own posts to show their “own” blog. The site could pull blog posts from all users collectively and easily. And best of all, it would keep uniformity and simplicity across all blogs.

    I know this functionality is already in WordPress, but what I am asking for is a way for users to post on the front-end, seamlessly with BP, so they don’t even have to know they are using WP (just like everything else is with BP).

    Being a developer myself, I can create a plugin for this, but I think it should be in the core.

    Any thoughts?

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  • modemlooper


    This is a much requested feature. It may be in future versions of BP. There are a few plugins that may fill the gap. Posthaste, todo mini forms or gravity form.

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