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Single member navigation links redirecting to site-wide versions

  • nyodulf


    WordPress v4.4.2
    BuddyPress v2.5.1

    I’m having an issue with the link to a member’s Activity when viewing their profile. When clicking on it I am taken to the <site_root>/activity page, instead of <site_root>/members/<member_name>/activity . This also happens with ‘Groups’ (but not ‘Notifications’).

    At the moment I am using bp-custom.php to change the default tab to ‘Profile’. If I remove that definition, the single member’s page correctly defaults to the Activity tab and there is content visible there.

    I would be grateful for any help. In particular I would appreciate any information on how to track down the redirect sequence and what code is controlling it. I printed the output of the rewrite_rules_array and it contained no mention of ‘activity’, but using an online redirect tracker I discovered that the request to the member’s activity returns a 301 redirect to the site-wide version.

    I know that it is standard practice to disable any other 3rd party items to test, but at the moment that would be a last resort because it often leads to significant time spent setting up content and plugins again and I am under some pressure to keep the site as is for the moment.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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