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Site Admin v Network Admin

  • SebastianCrumpCOI


    I have access to two different installs of BuddyPress. On one the BuddyPress admin menu is on the Site Admin screen on the other it is on the Network Admin screen. Very confusing. I’m assuming the former is how it is supposed to be as I’m getting some strange plugin related behaviour on the latter (bp plugins remaining active even when they say they’re showing as de-activated & activated plugins not adding link to their admin page in the BuddyPress menu).

    Appreciate any clues what went wrong/how to fix?

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  • SebastianCrumpCOI


    Just to confirm they’re both using WP3.1.1

    I’m wondering if the difference is that one site was set up as WP3.0.1 then BP installed then Multisite enabled and then upgraded to WP3.1 – therefore BP menu remained on Site Admin screen. The other site was installed as WP3.1 Multisite then BP installed and therefore BP menu put onto Network Admin screen…

    Very confusing none the less – still not sure which is more ‘correct’. From searching around it seems BP menu should be on Network Admin screen, but plugins need to be updated to get that to work correctly? What a mess :(



    You’re correct. If you turned on WordPress’ network functionality, then BP will reside in the new Network Admin section.

    BP plugins need to be updated in order to account for the Network Admin section in WP 3.1.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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