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Site // Blogs Archive (Error? What Is?)

  • Doctor Psyringe


    So I’m down to the handful of small errors, the sharp edges of the Platform you save for last because they cause no functionality issues. Here’s what’s up;

    The Archive Page listed above is an “Easy Digital Downloads” listing, an archive of all the downloads available. As you notice, the URL is trailing /downloads – that’s the page I’ve chosen to put the list. Yet… Blog Archives is appearing in the Breadcrumb Header (home // current page). I’ll admit EDD was the last plugin to get set up, I chose it because of it’s ability to protect against hotlinking – protection from non logged in users and limit the downloads to certain user roles, amounts, and ip’s.

    Up to this point — I don’t understand the purpose or functionality of “Blogs” in BuddyPress, how I can remove it, or if I can’t remove it — change it so that “Downloads” appears in that header. I’ve seen no settings for Blogs other than the few files in the “Blogs” folder in the Legacy set.

    Also, an additional error;

    Base Visibility
    Name Everyone

    Is all I see when I go to “Settings / Profile” in the user panel. Is that correct, I don’t understand the purpose or if it’s malfunctioning.

    Thank you so much!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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