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Site landing on Groups instead of front page

  • zageek


    As per Andy’s suggestion I am creating a new thread to describe my problem

    When I go to my site instread of landing on the front page I land on the “groups” section. when I try to go to the home page (front page) I get sent back to the Groups page. Also when I go to blogs I can see the blogs but when I try to go into a blog it takes me back to the groups page.

    Also also all the blogs show the same “last active” time.

    This issue first appeared when I had problems with user blogs not showing as was being experienced by other users.

    Here is my site if you click around there you can see exactly what I mean.

    My setup is BP 1.2.1 on WPMU 2.9.1 When I disable BP and revert back to the WP Kubrick or any other theme I can access all my blogs. When activate BP and the new BP theme I get this problem

    Andy suggested it might be theme related, but I haven’t touched the default theme.

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  • zageek


    I’ve tried poking around in the theme and I can’t seem to find what could be causing the problem. Has anyone seen this problem before?

    I have even installed other themes such as the widgetized front page theme and the Unplugged theme just to test and I get the same problem so it surely can’t be theme related. As I mentioned when I deactivate Buddypress and revert back to the WPMU only I can see everything. I have installed Buddypress over and over again and tried so many different options.

    Its is possible that something is wrong with a field in my database, because nobody else is complaining about this kind of problem so then it surely can’t be the 1.2.1 install. If it is my database, then my database “broke” during the migration from 1.1.3 to 1.2. Is there someway to make sure all the fields are correct or which tables should I be looking in?




    I am a complete dumbass. I found the problem after investigating it. I realised that it can’t be the buddypress code and it surely can’t be the database.

    I was wondering if the problem lay in my custom slugs because I used a custom slug on my site. So going through wp-config.php to see the slugs I came across what must have been a typo, because I remember wanting to change the groups slug at one point, this is what I had

    define ( "BP_GROUPS_SLUG", '' );

    Now when parsing through this the result returned to the new templates in 1.2 caused the rendering error which resulted in things not showing up properly. The funny part is that I must have done this months ago while still using 1.0.x and I suspect that the older versions of BP weren’t tricked by this.

    I hope my ranting and all of this can be of help to others who might have similar problems.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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