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Site members loop

  • Boris



    on this site I’m working on, groups represent businesses, who can set their location. Also, blog posts can be tagged with coordinates as well, so on groups and blogs directory pages I’m displaying a map where all the groups and latest blog posts are mapped. This works perfectly.

    Now, I’ve written a few functions that enables users to update their current location, which will be shown on the members directory page. The code I’ve written is all correct, but the bp_has_site_members loop doesn’t behave like I would expect it to.

    On the site I have 2 test users installed. Only one of them has a location attached to him. So, whatever I set type to (e.g. active or random) in bp_has_site_members, the way I expect it to behave is to always display 1 user, cause I set both max and per_page to 1000.

    That doesn’t happen though. When I set type to random (which I intend to do when we go live) I don’t see any user. When I set it to active, my test user with location attached shows up though. To me this seems strange. Is this the way bp_has_site_members is supposed to work?

    Thanks for your help.


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