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Site Notices vs. Messages

  • Haraldo88


    What is a “site notice” and how does an Admin create one? (it’s an opt-in option on Email Notifications)
    And is this different from a Messages > Compose > … “notice to all users”?

    I don’t want to spam my members but if they’ve opted in I’d like to notify them of something. But I’m not clear how and where to create this “Site Notice”.


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  • I think it’s the same. That “notice to all users” has always been a bit of an oddity.



    Thanks Paul. But Messages looks to be a “Notification” in the top bar and not an Email Notification, which is what I’m looking for. Or it is? This is very unclear to me. Anybody else know???



    UPDATE: I cannot get Notice to All Users to work in my BP 1.5.5 (for email delivery). When doing Messages > Compose, it works fine when sending to a single user (email message received in their inbox). But when sending same message to same user AND checking the “This is a notice to all users” box, it does NOT work, not even to the same single user! (but am getting “Notice sent successfully!” confirmation) I want to be able to send an EMAIL message to all users via the built-in BP “Email Notification” system. It specifically says (on the front end): “Send a notification by email when: … Messages > A new site notice if posted”. And my test users do have the “Yes” btns checked for this.

    Any ideas why the BP solution is not working? (FYI: there are 700+ users, and I do not have these users in a 3rd-party email capture system) I’ve Googled for “Why does Notice to All Users not work in BuddyPress?”, and most results are 2-3 years old, with no one really explaining why this should not work. Why would BP have this function if it does not work? Or, alternatively, what am I doing wrong? Any advice appreciated. THANKS!



    Haraldo, there is nothing wrong with your install, there is NO built in way to message all users in BP. The site notification will merely place a widget type notice at the top of your sidebar for all logged in users, which thy can then choose o close. It isn’t emailed or passed as a private message.

    There are a couple of old plugins for this such as:

    It’s an option that is useful, HOWEVER, I would strongly recommend you export your users to CSV. Again export plugins are available and import people into a 3rd party email service like Mailchimp.

    This is far better for email marketing, however in itself is a bit tricky, as unless your members have signed up or opted into a list, it’s technically breaking the T&C’s of all 3rd party mail apps.

    The problem with sending email direct from your server is if you get people unwittingly or deliberately labelling your mail as junk/ spam in clients like hotmail, yahoo and gmail, the ip address of your server can get blacklisted.

    At that point NO mail at all from your server is going to get through to those services, not just for the accounts that labelled you as spam but your server will be blocked and mail won’t reach anyone with a hotmail address etc.

    Sounds dramatic but it could kill your community if you aren’t careful.

    You should always use a 3rd party.

    Rules are still incredibly stringent though. You are generally allowed one spam complaint in every 1000 emails sent.

    Hope that helps!



    Hi, rossagrant. First, thanks VERY much for this informative response. This is the information I’ve been looking for.

    I’m pretty much in disbelief that BP cannot do what it says in black-and-white it will do (send notifications by email when messages are composed and the “to all users” box is checked). Why hasn’t someone removed this misleading text, I’m wondering? Oy. Oh well, lesson learned, moving on…

    I guess I need to go 3rd Party now. But you’ve identified a key point: Are the Users opted-in? Based on the BP account settings, I believe they are in principle (unless they checked “No”, and I don’t think I have no way of knowing if they did). So I guess I have two choices:
    A. Import all users into a 3rd-party email app and take a chance and send out a notice. Or,
    B. Install an email sign-up widget at the top of all my sidebars (or Header or wherever) and start from scratch building a list with whoever signs up from that day forward.
    (A) solves an immediate marketing problem but seems risky. (B) is the safest but means I’ve wasted all this time thinking I could do something that I couldn’t (or more accurately, that my *former* dev team said I could do), and now I’m already 700+ users into it.

    ***Any other options I’m missing?

    Thanks again for this valuable input. I appreciate it.




    You’ve got both options covered there.

    Firstly i would most definitely implement an email sign up form on your site anyway. Link it up with an autoresponder so that people receive a nice email, or sequence of emails from you when they sign up, so that they build trust and open your emails in future.

    In terms of importing your list. When you do that, Mailchimp, Aweber (who ever you go with) records how the list was implemented.

    It’s perfectly allowed, BUT if you get spam complaints they will ask you to remove the entire list, or close your account.

    I had this once, where I had a list from a trade show I exhibited at.

    First mailshot went out to 2000 people, not ONE complaint.

    I thought cool, I’ll drop another one a few weeks later.

    About 6 weeks later I sent out another mail (only 2 mails in 6 weeks), and 11 spam complaints.

    Shows how unpredictable it is. Mailchimp asked me to remove the list or leave.

    HAD that list all been double opt-in i.e. they sign up, get a confirmation which they then have to click a ‘yes sign me up’ link on, then Mailchimp wouldn’t have been bothered. We simply cleanse the list of the complainers.

    Email marketing and list building is a very tricky business, as you always get the idiots reporting spam which ISN’T spam. This is either thorough laziness or through ignorance of not knowing what that ‘spam’ button does in their email client.

    Most people think it just deleted the email, not knowing it actually sends a complaint to their ISP, which thus gets forwarded on to the client that sent it.

    You could import the list, send out what looks like an email confirmation link to sign them up to your newsletter that then actually migrates them to another list.

    That’s possible, then they WOULD actually be opted in.

    You could only send that ONE email to the list you import though, and even then you may get a few complaints.

    Other than that, create a blog post that you could make members aware of asking them to sign up, or direct them to the widget sign up form you are implementing.

    Not gonna happen overnight but the quicker you dod it, the quicker your list builds.




    This is great advice, rossagrant. I’m on it! Thanks so much.

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