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Site Wide Activity widget missing attributions

  • Andre


    This is a strange intermittent problem that has seemly come up since I upgraded to WMPU 2.8.4a, though that MIGHT be coincidence.

    The sitewide activity widget will occasionally not display the user/timestamp for an activity. As far as I can tell, it only affects wire/forum/comment entries (but displays the blockquote in these cases) and not joins/friending/etc. However, it’s hard to say if those are just not showing up, period.

    Again, this is intermittent and only affects the Site Wide Activity widget. RSS is displaying everything correctly.

    Any ideas?

    WPMU 2.8.4a

    BP 1.0.3

    bbPress 1.0.1

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  • Andre


    So you can see what’s going on, here’s an unstyled chunk of the feed that shows an item correctly displayed, but then an unattributed quote, a join (that displays properly) then another unattributed quote.

    • <p>Juliet Wilson wrote on the wire of the group Poetry and Performance 13 minutes ago


      <p>Dana, yes I have been having problems with avatars for groups, I’ll select some images and send them to you, thanks for the offer! </p>

      <p>Daniel – yes I’ve heard Borders are open to that sort of event, sounds interesting, I’ll check out your link. Versatility definitely important in a poet. </p>

      <p>Alan – thanks for the </p>

    • <p>I love that.</p>

    • <p>I hate poetry. I love rap. I am a rapper. I write rap songs for the ladies. Why can’t poets just write rap songs? They are way better. Hello.</p>



    Figured it out. It was affecting items that were displaying comments on a post that had “100%” in it, and the “%” was causing the issue.

    I’ll submit a bug report.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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