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Site wide feed activity RSS feed is blank

  • johnswallow



    I’m running an installation of WordPress MU 2.8.4a – working fine with no issues. It’s not a live site yet but I use two accounts to test – an admin account and a regular user account, both of which have one blog each.

    I have no other plugins installed and have not modified any core files. WordPress is creating blogs in directory mode.

    Today I’ve just installed Buddypress – version 1.0.3

    Everything seems to be working fine, but I’m having trouble with the site-wide RSS feed.

    I’ve got the Site Wide Activity widget on my blog’s home page, and it’s correctly showing site wide activity, but clicking the “RSS Feed” link there just gives me a blank feed, apart from the <channel> section.

    I’m possibly being stupid and missing something, so any assistance would be appreciated. :)

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