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Sites list user / gravatar issue

  • Hi all,

    On my multisite buddypress, in the Sites list, I notice the gravatar that is shown left of each site, appears the be one from the first user associated to that site. This seems to make sense except that it is the first in in alphabetical order, not chronological order. So it’s not necessarily the user that created the site. In fact it can be any user of any role…

    This is very confusing. As if a site simply belongs to some random user of that site.

    Or is there something wrong with my setup?

    Thanks for any feedback / thoughts 🙂

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  • UPDATE: this seems to only happen in specific cases where the user that created the site is no longer associated with that site.

    For example, when the site was created by Super Admin but later other users where assigned and super admin was removed from the site user list. In this case, it seems BuddyPress just picks the first user associated with that site, which may not even be an admin.

    It’d be better to try to determine the site owner (and thus, gravatar to use) based on these fallback steps:
    1. get admin Email Address and search matching user;
    2. if no user found, then get the first admin user associated with the site;
    3. if no admin user, then first editor… etc.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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