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  • Cyan Rayna


    I have Sitewide Activity as the main page to my website and love it but need to fix a couple of issues and hope I can find some help doing so.

    First off becuase it is the Sitewide Activity page it shows the title of the website as Sitewide Activity rather than it’s actual title. which is a little frustrating. I’m not sure exactly how to change that.

    Second I love that it shows the main posts and then limits them to a certain amount of words but then when there are replies to those posts they show everything. I am in a very vocal group so many replies can be much longer than the original post itself. Is there a way to edit the replies to make them also either by word count then read more or even seperate them from the main post and make them their own “post” to an extent?

    Any help on these two issues would be great, thanks!

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  • vapvarun


    @cyan-rayna You can change it via translating strings using loco translate plugin.
    Activity Post comments do not have any inbuilt limit for word count. It can not be extended as new activity post.



    While there is no ‘inbuilt’ limit re word count, there is a filter that can be used to limit the number of words.
    For example, this ( untested ) function would impose a limit of 50 words:

    function cyan_activity_comment( $content, 'get' ) {
    	$content = wp_trim_words( $content, 50, '...' );
    	return $content; 
    add_filter( 'bp_activity_comment_content', 'cyan_activity_comment', 10, 2 );
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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