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Sitewide activity with Avatars

  • rameshjmenon



    I have tried to reverse engineer the sitewide activity widget as much as possible. I have found out a few things like how the sitewide activity widget reads the wp_bp_activity_sitewide table (which is populated every time an activity occurs sitewide e.g. a new blog is created, a profile is updated, etc). However, thats as far as I could go since I am not a PHP programmer. I am working on my site and the sitewide activity looks quite bad compared to Ning’s sitewide activity plugin.

    My requirement/wishlist

    I want to display the Avatar of the User and the blog in the site wide activity. For example

    (Thumnail of ABC) ABC is now friends with (Thumnail of XYZ) XYZ

    (Thumnail of ABC) ABC created a new blog (thumbnail of blogname) blogname.

    Is this possible? Is it advisable to hack bp-activity-classes? I am not a PHP programmer but an Oracle RDBMS specialist. (

    Kindly help, if possible.

    P.S. Sorry for posting this again in this forum (I have already posted it in , whoever answers first)

    Best Regards

    Ramesh J Menon

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