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Sitewide Notices don't work with active widget

  • TheOptiMystic


    Hi there-

    Apparently if you are using the Sitewide Notices widget, you no longer get a notice at the top of the page. I tested this with multiple themes and the same issue occurred, so it appears to be a BuddyPress bug (or “feature” perhaps). If you remove the sitewide notifications widget from any sidebars, the notice will immediately appear at the top after you refresh the page. If I activate the notifications widget in the sidebar they disappear.

    Please advise.

    BP 1.9.2
    Buddyboss theme 3.1.4

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  • It’s not a bug this was by design, we added the widget to both provide users with flexibility as to where they could show notices and as a means of using it as a switch to turn off the notices overlay which was actually provided that way when theme compatibility was introduced and we no longer necessarily had control on a site layout as with the older BP Default layout.

    If you wanted to change this you’ll probably need to copy the bp-functions file and remove the is_active widgets check that prevents the notices function loading or add your own version of bp_messages_get_notices() to wp_footer action along with the styles required.



    thank you so much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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