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Skysa Footer Bar

  • josh101


    Im here to move a plugin forward. if you know about you then know how great of an addon it really is. Did you know they have an api for it?

    Here is the code

    <script type=”text/javascript”>

    var _SKYAUTH = {








    This is called sky auth the api behide skysa. learn more here

    What you may not know there no currently as of this post no working api for wordpress for skysa.

    This is what I want to change. The only one who has got this to work has only made it for vb. He is now working on phpbb3. We need to work on wordpress. There is no support for sky auth how ever there is support for the skysa bar. is using the skysa bar but we have not been able to get sky auth to work.

    Here is what you can do with skysa

    Integrated Membership – Skysa is able to offer deeper apps because our bar has Member Integrated Features. We will have 100’s of Social Apps you can use with your website that are possible thanks to intergraded membership.

    * Integrated Member Login and Registration, this create a rich user experience and allows you to collect valuable member information.

    * Micro Profiles with profile photo, member about me and much more. Customizable!

    * Member management page for managing member accounts with full access to all member information including emails.

    * Use your own Members Database. When your members are logged into your website they are logged into the bar.

    * Members on Ning, and Spruz are automatically logged into the bar. Thus allowing for a richer member experience.

    Attractive User Experience – We are the only bar platform with App Windows that can be Dragged, Resized and Moved inside your page.

    * Clean Bar Design that makes it easy for your visitors to find an option they are looking for.

    * Easy to use Bar Style Designer with real time style bar preview. This allows you to closely match the bar style to the look and feel of your website.

    * Several Predesigned Bar Themes that can all be easily customized by you.

    * Visitors can Drag, Resize and Move your App Windows

    * Bar Collapse Options. Users can collapse the bar or you can collapse it for them.

    * Tools Menu for collapse mode for easy access to your installed Apps without having to expand the whole bar. Plus you can turn off Bar Collapsing

    * Go Completely White Label, removes all Skysa Branding from your bar.

    Skysa App Collection

    Currently we have 27 Apps and growing. You can use and install the Apps that best fit your needs. It’s up to you! We are adding new Apps Weekly, Go to your Get Apps page to add Apps to your bar. We will have a developer API ready soon.


    Alert your website visitors when there is something new to tell them. This App allows you to add announcements/notices that display automatically 1 time per person when something new is posted.

    Chat Room

    This Chat Room App is launch-able chat room and takes advantage of our integrated member system. The Chat Room features a list of who’s online in the room, a counter in the bar that displays the number of people in chat and Instant Messaging just to name a few of the features.


    Our commenting App is very customizable and takes advantage of our integrated membership system. Control rather visitors or only members can comment, select the number of comments per page, and more! Also has a comment liking feature so people reading a comment can like it.

    Custom App

    For Advanced Users Only. This App allows you to configure your own custom App for use in the bar. Copy and paste a Widget,HTML, Text or custom Javascripting.

    Facebook Fan Page

    This app displays information directly from your Facebook Group. Add this App to bring your social spaces a little closer to home.

    Flickr Photo Gallery (Cooliris)

    This is a photo wall that allows you to display photos from a flickr account

    Friends IM App

    With our Friends Instant Messaging App your members see a list of their friends that are online that they can IM. Currently this App only works on websites powered by the Spruz Platform.

    Games (HeyZap)

    Games powered by HeyZap

    Games (Hooked Media)

    Games powered by Hooked Media Group

    Interactive Sharing (Beta)

    Interactive sharing allows people on your website to comment, and share pieces of your websites content. Users can highlight blocks of text, images, and videos, then comment, and post it to their favorite sharing website (Facebook, Twitter, Etc). When people click on the shared link users will see the content that was shared highlighted right on your website with the option to comment on it. This App features reporting that shows the links shared, comments, clicks and much more!

    Map and Directions (Google)

    This app allows users to see a map and get directions to an address of your choosing. The user can also print out the directions.

    Navigation Box

    Adds a navigation menu to your website. Create links to sites you love, other pages on your site or Blog RSS feeds.

    Quick Links

    Offer quick launch links on your bar. Top Features daily click tracking, and launches a link while keeping a bar at the top for quick navigation back to your website.

    Random Post

    Help people discover your website news with our Random Post App. Enter your RSS feed and our system does the rest to pick a redirect your visitor random entry from your Blog.

    RSS Feed

    This App allows you to enter an RSS feed and display summary information from the feed in and App Window.

    RSS Ticker

    This App displays a Ticker (Scroll Message) from any RSS feed on your bar. Features include Entry Preview that shows some text from the entry and an image that auto pans if it is to large. In the App Settings you can set how wide the ticker displays on your bar, the number of entries to display, window open options for when an entry is clicked, and the loading text. You can install up to 3 RSS Tickers on your bar.

    Scroll To Top

    This is a simple App that adds a button for users to quickly scroll to the top of your page.


    Powered by Google Search allows your visitors to find content they are looking for within your website.

    Share (By Addthis)

    Allow your website to go Viral with Sharing. This uses the Sharing Service AddThis to offer your visitor with a hugh list of ways they can share your website.

    Simple Text Ticker

    This App displays a Ticker (Scroll Message) of any text you choose. In the App Settings you can set how wide the ticker displays on your bar and the speed you want it to scroll(including no scrolling). When the ticker is hovered over the tool tip shows the full text.


    Translates your website text to a language that is more familiar to your website visitor. You decide how many languages you want to offer your website visitor to pick from.


    Get Twitter Connected on your website, post tweets directly from your webpage or blog. Features your Twitter feed, Converstation feed and Twitter Search

    Video Chat (TinyChat)

    Cool Video Chat room that supports Web Cams and Audio powered by TinyChat. This App Supports Skysa Membership Systems, Members logged into your website automaticly can join chat without having to log into chat again.

    Voting Poll

    Allow your members to vote on hot topics that you create with this Voting Poll App. Key features include Poll History, Auto Poll Closing and More!

    Who’s Online IM

    This Who’s Online app features a list of who’s online currently, a counter in the bar that displays to everyone with the number of people online and integrated Instant Messaging and co-browsing.

    YouTube Video Wall (Cooliris)

    Powered by Cooliris this App displays media from a your YouTube Channel on an interactive 3D wall.

    YouTube Videos

    Do you YouTube? If so this App is for you, automatically grabs your newest videos from your YouTube Channel and displays them in a movable box. Shows the video image, description, and title. Plus when a video is clicked it displays directly on your website!

    (mod note: removed affiliate link and changed the title of the topic to be more reflective of the actual post)

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  • netzombie


    Ok, I got it to work. well everything but the Avatar but the chat and comments box now recognizes the logged in user and displays them as online.. anyway here is what I used and it works perfect.

    <script type=”text/javascript”>

    var _SKYAUTH = {


    memberNick:'<?php echo bp_loggedin_user_fullname() ?>’,

    memberId:'<?php echo bp_loggedin_user_id() ?>’,

    profileUrl:'<?php echo bp_loggedin_user_domain() ?>’,





    This is sweet. It works also. This thing replaces the need for so many plugins.It’s crazzy people should really look into this and use this code.



    Hmm, the only problem you have then is that you’re stuck with an ugly bar at the bottom of your site… Who’d want that? :)



    This smells like.. spam/scam. Allowed?



    I removed the affiliate link from the original post, other than that, it appears okay.

    If there are reports of illegitimate usage, let us know.



    @r-a-y Not familiar with the site, so I could be wrong, but I think the last bit of the “learn more here” link may also be an affiliate ID:


    Again, could be wrong… : )




    Thanks for that. It doesn’t appear to be an affiliate ID, but I removed it just now and the forum post still works ;)



    @r-a-y I tried the same thing and that’s what made me think it was… sorry! :)

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