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small problem!

  • mridul


    Hi Everyone,

    I am having a ball experiencing Buddypress. It’s an amazing solution. I am having a small glitch, i don’t know if it is noted anywhere else. i did tried searching.

    when i create a private group[no other group is either created or subscribed to], then i assume i can only post into it from the group tab and not from forum tab. cool.! but i get an option to post it from forum tab also. though i cannot select my private group to post in.! but all other fields are visible like topic and description. is it a know issue.. ‘cuz if i cannot post from forum topic, then it should give me a message rather than showing me the page for adding topic name and other fields.



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  • abcde666


    you are right, this seems to be a bug:


    – I have created a Private-Group at

    when I am logged-in, then I am going to the “Group-Forums-Directory”, it is currently not possible to select this “Private-Group” from the drop-down-box in order to make a post into the Forum of this “Private-Group”.

    It is currently only possible to make a Forum-post into this “Private-Group” by going to the “Group-Tab”, then search for that Group and make the post directly within the Group-Forum. But it is not possible to make a Forum-post from the “Group-Forums-Directory”.


    also when posting a Forum-post into a “Private-Group”, my own post is actually not visible for myself within the Tab “My Topics” at the “Group-Forums-Directory”.

    Well, I would actually want to see MY OWN post, even if it is in a “Private-Group”.

    It is also not possible for myself to see MY OWN Forum-post within the Tab “All Topics” at the “Group-Forums-Directory”.


    Note: this issue is showing when being logged-in.


    confirmed on WP Single and MU / BP 1.2.1.

    It would also be nice to have sort of “global group” which every User is in, to have a at least one “general forum” without the need to join a group.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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