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SMF-to-BuddyPress(-forum) conversion

  • Erlend


    I need my SimpleMachines forum, v1.1.10, converted to BuddyPress groups with forums.
    An SMF 2.0 converter might be okay if that widens target users, seeing as I could easily upgrade my forum to 2.0

    If necessary I will try find a freelancer. I reckon this type of job can easily cost up to a couple hundred dollars. Personally I can’t afford more than $50 right now. I figure if I can find 9 more people in need of this script, we could all pitch in and get the job done. I would be okay with the code being released under and open source license afterwards.

    First priority
    – Threads & posts in proper format and correct ID attribution
    – User import with at least password & e-mail intact.
    – Board-to-group
    – URL redirects

    Lower priority
    – Attachments
    – Privileges
    – Categories
    – Sub-boards

    Will extend list as needed.

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