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Social buttons in profile (Facebook , PS3 , X360 , etc) example inside

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    You’ll have to create custom field, if I’m not wrong, for the Facebook, Twitter etc member’s links, then modify the member’s header template and embed there the php code that will show only that particular field (dunno the code, either, is here somewhere). Actually, I’ll try to do it myself, seems like a good idea what you’re trying to do :) – I’ll write a step-by-step here if I’ll be successful.



    Yap, done it easily. So, create the custom field for the members to enter only the link to their other social sites and then use this to show that in your member-header.php , where link1 is the name of the field – use this code as the href to the link you want to insert: <a href="”>Facebook, for example, or replace Facebook with an image:
    That’s it! If member didn’t enter something in that field, the link will lead to the same (profile) page, so there’s no 404.

    Thanks a lot Alice i really appreciate it and its worked :) .

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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