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Social experiment..need help

  • arezki


    Hi: I am doing a social experiment and need help with on a creative approach of using BP in this case. I wrote a short story with no ending and I am building a site to sollicite an ending to the story. The wholle thing will be driven by vote, the most voted ending gets to win a prize, in this case some cash. I am betting that content-driver project + incentive (cash) + good marketing and networking (BP and tools in this case) could be strong drivers of traffic. However, I find myself spending enormous time just trying to figure out the basic scripts and installations, let alone how to tweak the theme to fit the goal. If you are a theme guru with knowledge of BP and want to join the experiment, would love to hear from you. Note this is an individual and voluntary project. The site that is just up is and I can be reached at">




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  • This, I think, is a request for a theme developer to come and make you a theme. I’m going to close this thread as this forum is for support and discussion around BuddyPress, and not a place where people should submit job adverts (voluntary or not).

    People can see what you’ve written here and can contact you directly if they are interested. I suggest that you also post on the BuddyPress job board group.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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