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Social open macro & micro-blogging with BuddyPress

  • gouessej



    I currently use and I plan to switch to if necessary (which is highly probable in my case).

    I would like to “socialize” WordPress. BuddyPress seems to be the right WP plugin for that. I would like to have a contact list, each contact would be identified with OpenID. I would define some rules of files access like I do under GNU Linux / Unix in order to set different visibilities for my contents. Contacts could be put into groups. I would grant (read and write) privileges to all, some groups or some users. The GUI frontend would be able to treat 403 HTTP errors in a smart way (hiding contents you’re not allowed to see instead of showing an error message).

    It’s time to speak about a typical use case. My blog contains some photos and some articles, I want to show some of them to everybody, I want to show some of them only to my family and my best friends but not my colleagues, I want to show some of them to all logged users but not everybody and finally, I want to show some of them to … nobody. The members of my family can use OpenID but almost none uses WordPress and I don’t want to force my close relatives to use it.

    Is there any existing plugin for that? I started to look at which Apache modules I could use to implement these features (mod_authz_groupfile or mod_authz_dbm, mod_auth_oid, mod_ssl, mod_parp, …) but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is already a working solution for me. The WP plugin Groups that allows content access control doesn’t allow to add users not on WordPress into any group as far as I know.

    Best regards.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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