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solo practice university

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  • Tammie Lister


    Hmm not seeing courseware anywhere but it does look like a custom job. tells you a bit more from the developer.

    The solo practice uni site was launch before courseware existed

    David Carson


    No courseware. The site was launched March 2009 on WordPress MU/BuddyPress. Slight modifications based on snippets/plugins posted by Burt Adsit, Paul G., Boone G., JJJ and Andy.

    The content is mostly pre-recorded video and audio – not a formal educational program with assignments etc. So the setup is pretty straightforward and most of the customization is just theming. Main site has different content for logged out and logged in users. “Classrooms” are private sub-domain blogs (soon-to-be sub-domain sites) with a classroom theme. The main site and classroom sites are both using custom child themes powered by the BuddyPress default theme.

    I’m in the process of upgrading the site so I’ll be around here more often if you have questions.

    David, can you tell me what membership software solution Solo Practice uses to integrate membership functions with WP? Thank you!

    David Carson


    @satomom – No membership software. Just some basic PayPal subscription buttons and theme/function customizations based on whether a user is logged in or not. This method requires more oversight and maintenance (ex. if someone cancels their subscription), but it keeps everything simple for upgrades.

    If you’re looking for a more robust solution, you might want to check out –

    Thanks for the recommendation, David. I’ve been trying to figure out which of the plugin options is the most credible and likely to be maintained over the long-ish run.

    @David Carson –

    I know this is a long shot. I installed s2Member and love it — except that I can’t get the integration with PayPal to work properly so that purchasers can complete their site registration and login. I also can’t get help from s2Member and am thinking I might hire an s2Member consultant to help me with that last step. Is there anyone you can recommend? Do you ever do this sort of thing? I suspect it’s an easy-ish task for someone who really knows s2Member well.

    Thank you!

    David Carson


    @satomom – Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any new projects at the moment. But you could try posting your project in the BuddyPress jobs board.

    Thanks, David, I’ll give that a try.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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