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(Solved)Contect pushes Sidebar Down Below

  • CMatthews


    I have a couple other blogs that I have tried to set up BuddyPress on in the past, both times, on pages like the members page, the content pushes the sidebar down below. In both instances, I have come here for help, and neither of them were resolved, and neither of them are now running BuddyPress.

    I know there are five million posts out there of people having this exact problem, but none of them help resolve my issue.

    I am starting a new blog now, and once again, I would like to have BuddyPress on it.

    i am using the Pixel Theme. I do not wish to use any of the BuddyPress compatible themes, because they do not have the look, or layout I am going for. With the Pixel theme, once again, the sidebar is being pushed below the content (I’ve even tried many other themes, to no avail).

    Can somebody please help.

    Fixed – I found this:

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