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Some Design Questions

  • pierce2


    1. Photoshop File For Main Theme:

    I am wondering if there is some file for the Main Theme that comes bundled with BuddyPress, as I am attempting to change the header logo without making a whole new one. The text that I am making in Photoshop comes out really “unsoft” so I just thought it would look better if I could modify the original theme… Or could someone tell me how to make the text softer as with the logo on the default theme?

    2. Head Bar Going Across the Screen:

    The one layout design decision that has been annoying me since I got BuddyPress was why the search bar and the user bar at the top (not the one that says BuddyPress, under that) didn’t stretch to fill the page. I have been attempting to edit some CSS to make this happen, but it just isn’t working. I have managed to tie the behavior to max-width, but can’t delete this variable without the WHOLE page filling up as the screen is resized.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • Jeff Sayre


    I am wondering if there is some file for the Main Theme that comes bundled with BuddyPress

    There are two default themes that come with BP–the bphome theme and the bpmember theme.

    My standard caveat when creating custom themes from the default themes:

    Make sure that you make a copy of both bphome theme and bpmember theme. Your customizations should be done in copies, not the original. That way, if you have issues with your custom themes (and we all do when working on customization), you can switch back to the standard BP themes to see how things should work.

    Head Bar Going Across the Screen

    With regards to your second issue, this thread may help



    1.) use anti-aliasing when you are designing the new text logo… that will take the “hard edges” and make them “soft”

    John James Jacoby


    Pierce2, if you’re trying to change the colors of the included “Social Network” logo image in Photoshop, your best bet is to just alter the hue/saturation to your liking. Just filling the colors will make it look all blotchy regardless of anti-aliasing.

    This isn’t a design forum, but since it’s BP related I’ll let it slide. :D

    I’d also recommend using Firebug with Firefox. This way you can tweak CSS on a live web page, and then apply those tweaks to your CSS file and upload it once and be done.



    Hi Everyone:

    Thanks for all of your help. Thanks to Jeff’s tip, I managed to get it to stretch across the page, and it looks wonderful now. ;) Now to just customize it a bit more to my liking, and I’ll be all set!

    As for the second issue, thanks for your help both Enlightenmental1 and John… It now looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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