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Some feedback regarding cover images

  • Venutius


    Now I’ve got this feature working I rolled it out to my sites this morning. I had some feedback:

    1. Changing the cover for groups is a bit complicated, would be nice if there was a shortcut.
    2. Would be better if you were able to reposition the image, instead of the trial and error manual sizing that has to be done.
    3. The advice regarding te image size that is presented seems to be wrong as when you upload images of that size they get significantly cropped.

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  • Thanks for your feedback

    For the shortcuts, you can try this plugin:

    I’ll keep in mind the 2 other points.



    Thanks Imath, I’ve installed that on my test server and it works fine and does exactly what I was looking for, would it be wise to install it on a live system?



    Hi @imath, I have tried out this plugin and really like it, as was already mentioned in the original question it would be better if users could reposition the image, this way you would not have to worry about what size of image was uploaded, if users were able to select which part of the image should be visible this would stop the auto cropping and make sure users get to see the part of the image that they choose.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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