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Some Question about BuddyPress

  • dellos


    Hi I’m building a website for horse lovers. Im having some problems wyth adding some add’ons and locating it. First what I need:

    1) A Business Directory where user’s can found and add the Company info. For stables, shops etc. for adding information and adding also groups. The Admin is making groups and users can add in this groups some place info, address showing on google map, maby some photos of place, website and info write there.

    2) Add a horse, user can add his horse info wyth photos also can check the other users horses is there something to make for horse users horse catalog ?

    3) Classifieds for buy / sell horses etc.

    4) I installed the BP Album+ but can’t access the Albums page. I don’t know how to make it work.

    5) Is there phpBB3 integration for BP ?? I would like to install phpBB3 insted of BP forums.

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