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Some questions regarding buddypress

  • kibbles


    first of all, i’m new to the plugin and wordpress and i am building a website with community features. feel free to tell me about some cool plugins that hook into buddypress to add functionality (i already know about bbpress).

    on the wordpress dashboard in settings, buddypress, components, there is an unchecked feature named “site tracking”. what is this exactly and what does it do?

    i am using the buddypress login widget. the only tabs it has are the user name and the logout button. is there a way to add more tabs to this like friends, private messages, forum topics (when bbpress is installed), etc?

    in the options menu i can enable/disable users uploading profile picture and cover picture. is there an option to limit whether they upload a photo to the site or use a url to post the photo? can i make it so that i can select stock images for user to choose their profile picture and cover picture from?

    i notice there is also support for additional community interaction like grouping and posting on group pages. is there a way for users to have their own personal mini blogs that can be viewed by other users?

    how would i go about customizing the design/layout of user profiles?

    any other advice for me?

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  • kibbles


    also, if i don’t want a specific automated e-mail to be send out to a user, is it fine if i remove the situation used to send the e-mail, or will that cause problems? i’m asking because i’d rather not delete the e-mail entirely in-case i decide to activate it again at a later time.

    or would it be most effective to move the e-mails to the trash bin and simply keep them there until i decide to use them again?


    ^ what are the differences between these e-mails? i see that one situation is for a user registering for an account and site. what does that mean for a user to register for an account and site?



    uh… are you guys dead or something?



    • Site Tracking – The description on the Settings page says it all – “Record activity for new posts and comments from your site.“. This is useful if the Activity Streams component is also active.
    • Login Widget – Not sure why you want extra tabs for a login widget… if you need extra functionality, you can always add your own widget if you have some coding ability.
    • Profile photo by URL or user-selectable profile photo – This isn’t a core option. Would have to be a custom plugin for now.
    • Mini-blog – No core option, unless a user’s activity stream is enough. There are plugins out there like BuddyBlog that offer some frontend blogging functionality.
    • Disabling emails – I think putting the desired email in draft mode might be sufficient to disable email sending. Test and see what happens!



    You can add tabs on menus for friends, notifications, etc. Go to appearance – menu – buddypress and you can add links for signed in users wherever you want. You may need to click settings and tick Buddypress to get the options.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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