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“Sorry, no members were found.”

  • Hello there- I am getting the error message “Sorry, no members were found” when I click on the members tab. I don’t understand why BuddyPress isn’t finding my existing WP users. I have 100+ and they are all listed just fine as WP Users for the main site, but for some reason BP isn’t identifying them as “Members.” When I take a look at the wp_bp_xprofile_data table, only new sign ups are showing up there, however those new sign ups are still not showing up under the members tab. I still get “Sorry, no members were found.” even with the new registrations. (new sign-ups are showing up in the activity stream though.)

    BTW- I recently consolidated a couple of my sites to fall under my main domain which is set up as a WP 3.0.1 multi-site network. The “existing users” that I refer to are those users that I brought over from one of my sites that I moved and they are listed as users for the main site. I thought that the problem was from this transfer, however the fact that I STILL have the problem even with NEW sign ups makes me think the problem is something else. I have BuddyPress version installed with the BP default theme. Unfortunately I am not able to share my URL at the moment as it is still under development. Thanks! Hope that helps. :)

    Hopefully there is a simple solution. I am new to BuddyPress, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! :)

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  • Jennifer, does the problem remain after at least one of those users have logged in (after you’ve activated BuddyPress)?

    Hi! Thanks for your replies!

    Yes Paul, the problem still remains after the users log in. I have some test accounts, and after logging in each of those accounts, their activity does show up in the stream, but still on the members tab it shows no users. (this is the case for both the “existing users” and “new users” that I created after the switch.) When a new user registers, or an old user signs in for the first time, I do notice that the wp_bp_xprofile_data table updates to show the user added, however the “members” tab still shows “Sorry, no members were found.”

    I looked at the filters Tom… good thought, but no luck. :-( Still shows no members with each of the filters selected.

    I reinstalled BuddyPress and dropped all the old tables and pretty much started from scratch as far as BP is concerned this afternoon with a fresh install. Still having the same issue.

    I am at a loss. Any other ideas out there?


    Ok, guys… don’t know if this is related, but I just went in and tested a friendship request between two of my test accounts. The user got notified that they had a friendship request (via email and via notification in the “notifications” tab at the top of the screen) however, when I clicked on the notification it says “You have no pending friendship requests.” (this is on the friends tab- /members/username/friends/requests/ )

    This must all be related somehow… What do you think?

    Well, I decided to re-install WordPress, Multi-Site, BuddyPress… basically EVERYTHING and completely start over from scratch. Maybe that was going overboard, but it was my only option. It is now showing the members and friend requests as it should for just my 2 test accounts, but now I need to figure out a way of bring over the data, posts and WP users from the old site without disturbing what I have working now. Any ideas?

    Charlie Gordon


    Hi, sorry to have to bump this up, but I’m facing the same problem as in the original post. Has the issue been resolved already?



    I am having the exact same issue. i don’t have the option of un installing everything since it’s a client site and it was working perfectly fine until last week. We went live a month ago so I don’t know this suddenly cropped up!

    Going to be hard for any of us to guess at possible causes really, you would need to post as much detail or any detail you can really. It’s always best to start a fresh post rather than dragging up old ones that appear to address similar issues.

    the answer to the sorry no members were found maybe the reason i was getting it. i have resolved it. well tech support help at my vps provider. i had a plugin called ratings- widget that was giving an error message internally , that faulty plugin filled my memory with error messages. so they cleared some stuff, i deactivated it and there u go. so you may have a similar issue with a plugin. check my site its working fine now. http://www.YOURWETIDEAS.COM

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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