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  • portalsoup


    WPMU 2.8.4a

    Subdomain install in root for

    Buddypress 1.0.3

    Black and Grey Home Theme 1.0 by Christina Milburn

    Simple Black & Grey Home Theme for BuddyPress by The Easy Button

    This is a brand new install that I am testing.

    When I link to another members blog from the blog directory (blog listing visit blog link), I am brought to the members home page not their blog. When I then attempt to link to their blog via the options bar I receive the error “Sorry, that page was not found”. It appears all the links expcept the home link receive the same error (Blog, Members, Groups, Blogs).

    If I return back to my home page, the options work fine.

    If I select visit my own blog from the blog directory, I am still brought to my home page instead of the actual blog, but all the options work.

    I receive the same error when I attempt to use the options after navigating to another users blog via their members page. I can get to the blog no problem, but the options bar doesn’t work.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    Two questions:

    1. Does this issue go away if you switch to the default themes that come with BuddyPress?
    2. Are there any errors showing up in your log files?



    1. Same results with default themes. Note: default themes did not come with the buddy press plugin when I installed it. I installed the default themes from

    BuddyPress Default Home Theme 1.0.1 by Andy Peatling

    BuddyPress Default Member Theme 1.0.3 by Andy Peatling

    2. Don’t see any errors in the log files?

    Can go to (members home site)

    Get error when attempting to go to



    When I create new members their blog theme defaults to the WordPress Default 1.6 by Michael Heilemann. I believe this happens even when that theme is deactivated.

    When this theme is used for the members blog, there is no problem because the blog is the home site located at and there is no options bar on this theme.

    When you go to my blogs for the member in bp, the options bring you to the admins site, blog to, home to

    I expected the blog button would bring you to blog of who ever is signed in. This is what it is attempting when the member theme is used and is when you get the error.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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