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Sort Order of Activity Stream

  • allanmisner


    I recently decided to dump PHPBB and have landed on BP with WP. This is a sports discussion board.

    I’d like to have the activity stream re-order with new comments on top. Maybe this is more of a feature request, but I have to believe others have figured this out. Please advise. Thanks!

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  • allanmisner


    Okay, I’m thinking I may have asked the question the wrong way.

    I’m assuming this site is using Buddy Press for this support forum. Is that right? How does this one work because this seems to do all of what I want.



    Hi, use BuddyPress and bbPress plugin for the forum part (with some BP Ninja’s customization).

    But note that BP activity comments are not forum topics – even if both may “look” like a discussion tread.

    To get a similar behave, install bbPress as sitewide forum.

    or to get a more indeep integration with your community members, use BP (member) groups and install a forum in some groups. By doing it this way, you can have thematic discussion groups, where not only the discussion is thematic, but where also the participant are sorted.

    In other words, an “ordinary” forum can be categorized. With BuddyPress, a forum can be categorized, but members can be grouped, related to the group they belong to (is the group has a forum of course).

    Note also that many BP user’s don’t use a group forum because group members can discuss via the group activity. This is very common, but only if you don’t care about forum fonctionnalities like sub-forums, moderation, spam/ham or rich edit for example.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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