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Sorting members list by job

  • rufrage



    I am using BP 2.7.4 and the most recent WordPress version (4.7.1).
    The registered members all need to fill out the profile field “Tätigkeit”, which is basically “job” in english. I added the job information to each profile in the members-loop now.
    People are supposed to search for job-names and find every member, that has the keyword in any of their profile-fields (I did all that with BP Members Search already).
    Now for a better overview, I want all the people with the same job listed underneath each other, e.g. at first everybody with party-location-rentals as their job, then everybody with party-catering as their job, etc.
    This would be easy to archieve, if I was able to just sort the members by their job and in a alphabetical order. At the moment, the are ordered alphabetically, but by their name.

    How can I just switch the attribute they are sorted by from username to the field Tätigkeit? I have been digging through a bunch of php files lately, but couldn’t find the responsible one yet.

    I will appreciate every reply that gets me a little closer to solve my problem.
    Thanks in advance and have a good time!

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