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Sorting your activities

  • Hello everyone,
    I’ve modified a couple of buddypress files trying to implement a sorting capability into buddypress.

    Eventually I made it:
    Now I’m able to modify the way in which activities get sorted by setting 2 cookies using javascript on the client.

    $_COOKIE =
    – date_recorded (default, will order the activities by time),
    – favourites (will order the activities by number of favourites),
    – comments (will order the activities by number of comments),

    Unfortunately I’m not really experienced with the buddypress codebase and those features may be obtained through better ways.
    By the way, I would like to know if you’re interested in implementing the few lines I’ve modified, in your software.

    I would have sent a patch but I wasn’t able to find an open bug tracker
    Thanks in advance for you attention

    Best regards

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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