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Spaces in Usernames

  • KendrickSnyder



    I’m having an issue in that when a user registers an account, BP will allow them to have UserNames with spaces.. which is fine, except that when they activate their account and go to login, it tells them “ERROR: Invaild username. Lost Password?”

    Say a user registers the name “Mike Anderson” and tries to login as “Mike Anderson” It won’t let him… It works if he enters “Mike-Anderson” but that’s not the account name he thought he signed up for… it’s a bit confusing for poor old Mike Anderson.

    Is there a way to allow users to actually have spaces in their usernames? Or is there a way to prevent people from registering accounts with spaces in their names?

    I’d prefer it if there were a way to allow users to log in with spaces in their names; but if it’s not possible without the dash, then I think it just confuses users.

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