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Spam despite disabled registrations and Askimet

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    Hi everyone

    I’ve had WordPressMU/BuddyPress installed for several months now. Recently I upgraded to WordPressMU v2.8.2 and BuddyPress v1.0.3. I’ve always had registrations disabled and recently I installed the latest version of Askimet.

    Everything has been installed by-the-book and everything has worked perfectly until this morning when I awoke to see that someone had registered with the user name “LnddMiles” – despite registrations being disabled and having Askimet installed.

    A Google search quickly showed that this same user has registered on thousands of other BuddyPress sites.

    Additionally, I am now getting the following error each time I access my admin center…

    Warning: Missing argument 5 for fbc_get_avatar() in /home/azonez/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-fbconnect/includes/wp-facebookconnect/fbconnect.php on line 529

    What does this mean and what can I do about this?.

    Thanks for any help and have a great day!.

    – Steve

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  • Windhamdavid


    the fbc_get_avatar() error is from the facebook connect… it’s been addressed somewhere else in the forums.’s been fixed. The spam.. the user “LnddMiles” is not just on buddypress sites, so it’s a spambot that looks for open registrations.

    You should add a captcha or math problem to your registration page to divert these.



    If you have disabled registration on your WordPress MU installation, and users are still signing up, you may have forgotten that if you are running group forums you have a bbPress installation that synchronizes users with the WordPress MU installation. Disable registration in bbPress and you should be good to go.


    Hey, thanks for all the great help!.

    I’ve installed reCaptcha and it works good. Won’t reCaptcha interfere with Askimet though since they are both anti-spam plugins (just wondering)?.

    I couldn’t find any place in the latest version of BBPress to disable new registrations. Where would I go to find this option?.

    I’m still stumped on the FB-Connect error. I’m currently using version 1.1. Is there a newer version (or an easy-to-install patch available?.

    Again, thanks so much, Steve

    Nope, Im afraid there´s not a newer version.

    1.1 was coded by Andy himself, and there are no signs that it is going to be updated. He has made clear many times that its up to Buddypress community to continue with the update of Facebook connect plugin.

    If I had coding skills, I would have updated it a long time ago, but I am still busy understanding how BP works ! ;-(


    The FB-Connect issue was successfully addressed by removing the $DIM variable from fbconnect.php. However, this no longer seems to be effective and the error message I’m receiving seems to be complaining that out of 5 variables in fbc_get_avatar(), one is missing ie;

    Missing argument 5 for fbc_get_avatar()

    There are 5 variables here and I’ve removed one. However, even if I replace it so that there are now “5”, I still get the same error.

    – Steve

    Anyone know how to turn off registrations in Buddypress forums, as recommended here? Can’t find a way…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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