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  • billy-not-happy


    Yes, I consider myself a newbie to WordPress and related programs and maybe this is a dumb question but the level of spammers I seem to attract on my site is seriously causing me to consider taking down my site. I’ve tried to employ multiple spam blockers, including modifying my .htaccess file that checks against known spammer providers, plus using several plug-ins that either ask human questions to block bots and plug-ins to block by IP address etc. and spammers still get through!

    What I’m trying to get rid of is this:

    The spammers typically avoid making a new Group in Buddy Press and don’t generally mess with forums BUT if you go to Members, sort by activity, the damn spammers add a URL which is clickable and it is the usual payday loan or other garbage. What I find curious from a spammer’s point of view, is this really effective? Who’s going to scan a member’s list and then click on a payday loan site?

    My question is HOW or CAN you prevent a new member when registering from somehow adding this crap? I’ve had some clown from Russia add dozens of pages trying to sell illegal steroids using this method. I finally blocked the multiple IP’s and email address this idiot was using. I even got Microsoft to take away his Hotmail accounts.

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  • b1gft


    You need to stop them now, as best you can and delete all members you have in there. A new BP site I have has had over 29,000 spam stopped in the last month. Do not forget WordPress is under a bot attack at the moment.

    Firstly, Switch off that any one can register on your site.

    Clean out all the spam members. Delete them.
    Install Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin from WordPress.Org (Saved my life)
    Install Limit Login Attempts
    Install capachi plugin and set it up for it to be on when people are registering.
    Change your admin name, if it is admin.

    Switch back on that people can register on your site.

    These posts might help you as the same thing happened to me.

    Second Post

    Ben Hansen


    wangguard might be helpful in cleaning out your existing users as well even if you decide not to keep it.



    Thanks guys. I cleaned out all apparent “spammer” members… I think. Seems some spammers sign-up, then lay dormant for days or weeks, then try to add their crap.

    Currently I have:

    Block disposal email
    BB Registration Options
    BB Press Restrict Group Creation
    WordFence Security

    Lisa Ghisolf


    I like WangGuard and Bad Behavior plugins – not together, but they both helped my installs.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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