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Spam users signing up without entering information

  • philliprf


    I have a social media site I’m working on using Buddypress.

    Spam accounts are signing up without filling in any of the required fields, and I don’t understand how. WordPress registration/login is disabled, all done through a 3rd party plugin (Youzer). When I go through the registration form myself, there’s no way to skip entering information such as city, country etc. All they are signing up with is a username, email and password.

    How can I stop this? They’re messing up the layout of the members area, and just sending spam messages to actual members.

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  • Renato Alves


    I’d confirm if your fields validation is front-end or back-end. Also, check the pages that are open to registration and the BP REST API, if any plugin is opening up for signups.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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